Native Classic

Native Classic Range Bridles & Halters

Hand crafted arabian show halters made to accentuate your horses head for that native style look. Elegant and classy with all the "showyness" of traditional arab halters.

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Details: soft webbing with braiding, diamantes, pony beads, traditional sea cowries and tassels, various colours available.

Prices from £50

Traditional Silk

Traditional Silk Style Halters

New designs on a traditonal feel, instead of wool, but with arabian shark teeth nose bands these are made of braided silk cord with diamantes, seed beads, cowrys in any colour.

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Details: braided silk, diamantes, seed beads, cowries, shark teeth nose bands, many colours available

Prices from £75

Crystal Beaded Bridles

Crystal Beaded Bridles & Halters

Crystal Beaded Bridles & Browbands. Available in Silver and Gold with a range of different colour crystals or beads. Step out in style with this extravagant collection.

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Details: Gold & Silver, various coloured Swarovsky crystals and Tibetian silver beads, padded nosebands for safety & comfort

Please enquire for prices

Americana Collection

Americana Collection - Patent American-Style Halters

Patent American style halters. Available with any colour crystals, conchos or silver trim — coming soon nut brown and gold!!! Adjustable at the head peice for the perfect fit

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Details: Patent in various colours, padded for comfort, diamantes, crystals ,come with a free webbing chin strap

Prices from £60


Macrame - The Ja'Far collection

Macrame is a traditional knotting technique, believed to have originated with 13th-century Arab weavers.

Delicate looking yet strong halters, some thing unusual for the show ring.

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Details: Knotted lacing cord, gold & silver rings, Tibetian silver or classic pony beads. Many colour options and various sizes.

Prices from £40

Training Halters

Training Halters & Lead Reins

Show Leads

Training Halters in all sizes/colours: Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Black and Burgundy, FREE under strap with loads of adjustment, with big rings, strong but soft, £15 for training halter £20 with 8ft webbing lead to match.

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Details:Many colour options and ALL sizes.

£15 for halter, £20 with matching 8ft webbing lead

Pandora-style Gifts

Gifts & Accessories

Bridle Accessories

Beaded charm watches and bracelets to match your bridles that complement a show outfit or as a unique personalised gift. Bridle Accessories - bit clips, show bits, chin chains, etc also available.

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Details:Many styles and colours available.

Please enquire for prices

Custom halters, browbands & accessories

Scarlet Arabian Bridles - Custom Designs

Not quite seen the right bridle? Have something specific in mind? Why not have a custom design made up! I am more than happy to create a bridle to your unique specifications.

Please call or email me to discuss your option. From custom coloured and patterned webbing to various styles of beads, crystals and diamantes to match your horses' personality

Get in contact for more details and prices

Details: Knotted lacing cord, gold & silver rings, Tibetian silver or classic pony beads. Many colour options and various sizes.

Please enquire for prices

Free delivery!

Free delivery!

Free delivery! All bridles are shipped for free, worldwide! If you require a quick delivery or have a specific deadline in mind, please contact me and I will try and accommodate your request.

Please bear in mind that shipping may be delayed during holiday/seasonal periods.

Free delivery!

About Scarlet Arabian Bridles

Have you been searching for a show bridle, but can't quite find the right one to suit your horse? If so, I may be able to help you. As well as the designs shown on this site, I welcome custom orders, please feel free to contact me by phone or email and we can discuss your needs.

All the bridles sold by Scarlet Arabian are created to a high quality and made by hand. Ranging from mini and foal to adult, there's something for all shapes and sizes.

With prices starting from £40 why not enter the show ring with a beautifully crafted halter to show off your horses elegance and individuality!

How to order

Scarlet Arabian Bridles believe in a personal service tailored to you and your horses' needs. Thus I do not have web-based ordering.

If you wish to place an order please email or call me on +44 (0)1364 631657 or +44 (0)7943 717972

I will be happy to discuss any questions you might have and help you to design and create the perfect bridle to show off your horse to their highest potential

Sizing Guide

Adult, mare and foal set, yearling sizes available, or made to measure.

Arabian full (adult) head 30" - 34" nose 12" / Arabian small adult (two year old) head 28" - 32" nose 11" / Arabian yearling head 27" - 30" nose 10" / Arabian foal head 22 1/2" - 26" nose 9"

All mini head sizes (not available for Dubai Silk Collection) Miniature horse 1 head 17" nose 6" / Miniature 2 head 20" nose 6" Miniature 3 head 22" nose 7" / Miniature 4 head 24" nose 8" / Miniature 5 head 27" nose 9"

A made to measure service is available.

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